Rootenburg Suing The City and APH for $7.5 Million


The man at the centre of the Algoma Public Health controversy is suing the City of Sault Ste. Marie and the Algoma Public Health.

Shaun Rootenburg used the alias of Rothburg was hired as a temporary Chief Financial Officer for APH. It was learned that Rootenburg had a criminal record for fraud over $5,000 .

In the claim, Rootenburg is seeking $7.5 million in damages for  defamation, negligence and lost business opportunities, Rootenburg is also seeking another $750,000 for punitive damages.

In the statement of claim, Rootenburg explained what he did after being hired as an interim Chief Financial Officer for the APH.  His first duty under the role was to look into the financial problems facing the APH following the firing of the previous CFO, Jeff Holmes.   According to Rootenburg, the APH board had no clue of what it was doing and discovered several wrongs in the organizations financial matters including the fact that Holmes had access to bank accounts and set out to rectify that.

Rootenburg says he made several recommendations to the board including of getting rid of Tim Murphy who was paid $70,000 plus upwards of $57,000 that APH spent on a theatre for Murphy and another $15,000 to Murphy for puppet show performances.  Rootenburg recommended to the board that Murphy’s position be terminated and the board refused.

Rootenburg goes on to say that the board failed to have governance and uncovered several questionable expenses of the board members including allowing past board members to keep laptops, computers and tablets and reimbursed board members for their home internet costs.  He claims senior management lacked in the skill of preparing a budget  “failed to have any policies and procedures in place regarding expenses”

Rootenburg explained how he met Dr. Kim Baker, then CEO of APH who hired Rootenburg through a recruitment company.

Rootenburg claims that while employed under a contract with the APH he was praised by many in the community for his work from senior staff at Sault Area Hospitals, Sault College, Riversedge Development, The Group Health Centre and the City of Sault Ste. Marie.

“The claim is in the hands of our legal counsel,” says Lee Mason, Chair of the Board of Health for Algoma Public Health. “this is a legal matter and will need to follow due process”




  1. I though something was fishy. I hope he wins, and sticks it to the city and the APH, …. this kind of palm-greasing has been going on in this city too long.

  2. Wow. There are some defense lawyers out there having celebratory drinks to toast that they just hit PAY DIRT a la APH!

    Win the case, lose the case, settle the case, counter-sue the case….NO MATTER ….IT WILL COST BIG $$$$$$ and a nice fat tax payer funded payday for all the lawyers.

    Ain’t that cute.

  3. So how does one get Tim Murphy’s job??!!!!!!!!???????????????? Good gig pal!!!! I have a couple puppets, build me a theatre and pay me more than the average person makes in a year – and I’m good to go! Damn I’ll do it topless for that kind of cash!

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