The Hottest Days Of The Summer Are Here!


The heat of the summer is upon us. A prolonged period of above normal temperatures will continue right through the weekend and into next week. Now, I don’t think I need to remind you that Fall is just two months away so you sun bunnies will probably like the extended forecast right into the first week of September.

Let’s concentrate on the next couple of days. With the exception of tomorrow (Saturday) with a risk of showers and thunderstorms mainly early in the day, the heat will continue with a high of 25c but feeling like the low 30’s.

Things get even hotter for Monday with a forecast high of 31 and plenty of sun.  Same thing for Tuesday and most of the week, though temperatures will drop to seasonal values.

The long range forecast for the month of August looks comfortable, with highs averaging the low to mid 20’s .

No major heatwaves are expected this summer though (you might say we’re in a mini one right now)

The real heat as you know is trapped on the west coast where conditions continue to be dangerous with little or no rain for several months. The opposite on the east coast where summer has yet to arrive for the most part.

The hottest temperature recorded on this date by the way was 32.9c in 1989