The Rotaryfest Parade Like You’ve Never Seen It Before


Funny thing happened during the filming of the Rotaryfest Community Day Parade. teamed up with Kim Dietz from Ariel Virtual Optics to give you a birds eye view of the parade.

NOTE: The footage is amazing. Unfortunately our streetview camera experienced some technical glitches and only a portion of the parade was filmed.  Join Tami Fremlin and Andy Martens as they co-host an abrieveated version and come back Monday for full photo gallery coverage of all the colour from this year’s parade.


    • Hi Jim, as noted in the article, the ground level camera and the key camera for the coverage experienced a glitch during the recording of the parade and therefore some of the footage was lost. We will however feature a full photo gallery on Monday with all the floats. Sorry about that.

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