The Sault From Another View :The Water Tower

0 and Ariel Virtual Optics present our new series, “The Sault From Another View” where we feature iconic views of our great city from a different perspective, Looking down from above.

In this episode, we look at the Water Tower. It’s hard to imagine the Sault without it and yet that was the case a few years back when the idea of bringing it down surfaced. At the time, it wasn’t exactly something nice to look at. It needed a paint job, it was rusty and had seen better days.

That’s when the owners of the Algoma Water Tower Inn and Suites stepped in to save the day. Since then, the water tower is back to it’s old glory with a fresh coat of paint and logo. The iconic water tower is visible from the bridge, the north highway as you approach the city and from the west. There’s probably not a symbol of the Soo that means “home” as much as the Water Tower!

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