Trembinski Cuts National Ranking In More Than Half


Sault Ste. Marie native Gary Trembinski had a spectacular 2014-2015 speed skating season. The final rankings for this past season have just been released and the hard work and dedication that Trembinski put into the year paid off.
Starting the 2014-2015 season, Trembinski had a national ranking of 55th from the previous year. Gary now sits at 26th place, cutting his ranking in more than half.

“I woke up this morning (Wednesday) and suddenly a couple of the guys had sent messages saying that the national rankings were finally out. When I saw my name sitting in 26th place I was so excited. I called home right away to give my family the good news before I took off to morning training,” Trembinski said. “Without a doubt this shows my commitment to the training program and how bad I want to make it to the top. I came into this sport not even a handful of years ago and the gains I’m making is incredible.”

Gary has opted to stay in Calgary, Alberta for the summer, where he trains full time at the Olympic Oval, a 1988 Calgary Olympics Legacy building. “This is close to the beginning of my fourth year in Calgary, but my first summer here. With the extra 3 months of high quality training and ice time I get here, I’ll be better than ever and more prepared when the racing season starts, come September and October.”

Trembinski is coached by Elite Athlete Pathway coaches Crispin Parkinson and Arno Hoogveld.
“These guys are great coaches. I’ve only been working with Crispin and Arno for a couple of months now, but they definitely know their stuff. I’m looking forward to what this new season brings.”