‘A-Plaws’ for a local Veterinarian.


With a new lease, or ‘leash’ on life, a German Shepherd is alive and recovering thanks to Dr. Gunam. The veterinarian from Animal Health Clinic in Sault Ste. Marie, stepped in to save the day for the stray and injured dog.


The Sault & District Humane Society picked up a stray dog with a broken leg over the August long weekend. The dog had been hit by a car. As it happened, Dr. Gunam was the veterinarian ‘on call’ over that weekend, and was alerted to the situation. “I took a look at the dog, and fashioned the shepherd with a temporary splint. The Humane Society can’t afford to cover costs associated with orthopeadic surgery, which can run into thousands of dollars, but I thought the dog could be saved” shared Dr. Gunam at his Clinic on Trunk Rd. East. “There were some things that needed to be in place before surgery could go ahead.” he said “When nobody came forward (to the Humane Society) to claim the dog as lost, my staff began to look for a pet foster home. This was very important in determining whether we could go forward with surgery, because once the surgery is done, the dog will need continual care as the bone heals. Once the pet foster home was in place, I repaired the fracture.” adding “It will take at least a week for the bone to heal.”


Carrie Labine, a member of Animal Health Clinic team shared “Dr. Gunam has helped many animals over the years. Animals that are found emaciated, abused and starved. He tries to give them all a second chance at life.” Carrie helped Dr. Gunam secure a loving pet foster home for the dog.
Animal Health Clinic kept the young Shepherd until August 6th, when he was discharged into the care of foster pet mom Stephanie Smith.

Stephanie has named him Pepper. “Pepper is somewhere between 2 to 3 years old” said Stephanie Smith. “He is very gentle and is getting along really well with my chihuahua. He will make a great addition to the right home.”


Three cheers for Dr. Gunam and his team at The Animal Health Clinic. You’re terrific! Pepper says Thank you.

If a person is interested in adopting the beautiful German Shepherd, contact the Animal Health Clinic at 787 Trunk Rd. East.
telephone (705)759-4555 or e-mail [email protected]



  1. So if this is something the vet is doing himself, how do people donate to Pepper’s surgery? There are probably people who want to donate through the vet office to have donations go directly to Pepper’s surgery and care. I see contact information for those interested in adoption after her foster stay: Animal Health Clinic at 787 Trunk Rd. East. telephone (705)759-4555 or e-mail [email protected]

  2. He is the very best vet in this city. I’ve never seen anyone so compassionate, honest and caring as Dr. Gunam. This city is very lucky to have such a genuine, good man.

  3. I have been going to that clinic for several years. Dr Gunam is a great vet, very caring of the animals. Carrie and Allison are there for the animals and make a great animal care team.

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