Big Increase at the Pumps? Maybe


Analysts are warning of huge price spikes at the pumps in Ontario over the next few days – as much as 20 cents a litre following similar increases in Alberta and Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

The increases are pegged directly of refinery problems in Indiana. According to “BP’s Whiting Indiana, malfunctioning over the past weekend, taking out 240,000 barrels of gasoline output”

Prices in Toronto are expected to jump 2 cents at midnight, though it could be more.

The major increase will be felt throughout the great lakes area, however with prices in Sault Ste. Marie already at $1.23.9 a litre the popular gas prices website say prices locally should remain the same.

2015 started off with some of the lowest prices in almost a decade when fuel fell to below $1.00 a litre locally. It has increased since to some of the highest prices posted in Northern Ontario.



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