Canadian firm gets patent for space elevator


PEMBROKE, Ont. – A Canadian company has been granted a U.S. patent for a 20-kilometre-high space elevator.

Thoth Technology of Pembroke, Ont., says the freestanding structure would allow astronauts to launch from a platform high above the Earth.

The company says the new technology would save more than 30 per cent of the fuel of a conventional rocket.

The inventor, engineer and physicist Dr. Brendan Quine, says the elevator would be pneumatically pressurized and guided over its base to allow such a tall and slender structure to stand freely.

The company says the space elevator could also be used for wind-energy generation, communications and tourism.

Quine says the project will cost between US$5 billion and US10 billion and could take three to five years to complete.


  1. The Thothx space tower is a scam…it is still IMPOSSIBLE to build and not have it self destruct due to the FACT Earth has weather and terrorists. 10 miles up makes ICE and ICE will crash it down…wind will too any storm can! Also it is a lightning rod and will be hit most of all on earth if built! it also has a 30 mile crash zone to murder people at home if it is built then falls as nature show us all for decades is the reason it can’t be built on Earth. Investing into this is considered a crime in my eyes.

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