Car and Moose Collide Just North of the Sault

Moose Accident Aug 2015

Highway 17 traffic quickly came to a halt shortly after 10:30pm tonight just North of the Sault after a car and moose collided. The car was travelling Northbound when a moose attempted to cross the highway resulting in the collision.

A witness at the scene told SaultOnline that the driver was ok and was being transported to the Sault Area hospital to be checked out.

The OPP were on scene to remove the animal, which had succumbed to its injuries, and a clean-up crew who were quickly removing debris to clear the highway.

Anybody transiting the area, please use caution.

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  1. On August 12th as we were driving from Wawa we pulled into Trappers Lake in the Lake Superior Provincial Park. There were two moose that had likely been killed in accidents that had been dropped in the middle of the road turnaround and were badly decomposing. Being a tourist stop area where people are required to pay a fee even to pull in for a rest or hike and with special park rules I’m surprised they had been left as long as they had been. There may be a reason that makes sense but it was sad. It is good we are reminded to be careful on area highways and I’m thankful the people in this vehicle are ok. I do wander where were the two moose brought to Trappers Lake from? Moose ta night can be very hard to see and especially if there is any fog.

  2. I was the drive of this car , and I agree with my husband that the general public should see this article, it could save a life. I was very fortunate to have survived this accident, my injuries were bad enough, but I am still here to enjoy my life . Animals DON’T HAVE THE ABILITY TO UNDERSTAND THE DANGER OF WALKING IN FRONT OF MOVING VEHICLE.

  3. I am sure the last thing the driver cares about is the meat. The soup kitchen won’t get it because it still has to be cleaned, dressed, and butchered, …. they don’t do that there. The MNR will dispose of it in some way.

    • Dear Lawrence. YES people do need to see this. This is a warning to people that animals don’t follow the rules and that it could happen to anyone. This was my wife and fortunately she will be ok. I have no issue with them running this story. People need reminders that animals don’t follow the rules of the road. If this story offends.or disgusts you I recommend not reading it.

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