Conservatives Fail on the Economy: Morrison


With Canada’s economy struggling, and job losses mounting, NDP Candidate Skip Morrison had strong words for his Conservative opponent:

“The Conservatives have steered Canada into a second recession. It’s clear that Stephen Harper’s plan has failed,” said Morrison. “During Mr. Hayes’ term, families in the Sault and Algoma region have gone deeper in debt, with incomes flat-lining and the cost of living steadily climbing.”

“Bryan Hayes’ misleading attacks won’t cover up his party’s poor economic record,” said Morrison.

Under Steven Harper’s watch, Canada has lost more than 400,000 good manufacturing jobs. Their inability to protect the Canadian market from unfair trade has cost over 500 good jobs this year alone right here in Sault Ste. Marie”

New Democrats will continue to support international trade deals that advance Canada’s interests and protect Canadian jobs.

“We need a new government that will focus on job creators in communities like Sault Ste. Marie,” said Morrison. “Tom Mulcair’s New Democrats have a plan to create good jobs, working with small businesses and industries like manufacturing that the Conservatives have abandoned. It’s time to bring that plan for change to Ottawa.‎”