Deceit, Corruption and Cover up: Sheehan


Yesterday, while Prime Minister Harper, our current member of Parliament Bryan Hayes, and the rest of the Conservative caucus were nervously awaiting for the trial of one of their fellow Conservative Parliamentarians and Senate appointees, Mike Duffy, to resume, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was unveiling the Liberal plan for creating a more open and transparent government in Ottawa.

“With the trial of Conservative Senator Mike Duffy resuming today, we are reminded that this is the latest episode in what has been a decade of deceit, corruption and cover up for Prime Minister Harper and members of his party and caucus”, said Terry Sheehan, Liberal Candidate for Sault Ste. Marie. “In stark contrast to this, Justin Trudeau outlined the Liberal Party’s plans for real change when it comes to restoring trust in our democracy.”

Some of the key points of the plan include:

• Ending partisan, patronage appointments to the Senate and replacing with a merit-based appointment process
• Ensuring more free votes in the House of Commons, allowing for Canadians to have a greater voice in Ottawa
• Providing greater independence to Parliamentary Committees
• Making government information open as a rule to all Canadians by eliminating the fees associated with Access to Information requests, above the 5 dollar filing fee
• Ending the secrecy surrounding the Prime Minister’s Office

Sheehan goes on to say, “For several months now, Mr. Trudeau has been speaking with Canadians about how to make the Canadian government more open and accountable, creating not only a different government, but a better one. I am committed to working with Mr. Trudeau and the entire Liberal team, to show the riding of Sault Ste. Marie and the rest of the country that better is possible.”


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