Do You Have What It Takes To Launch a Business?


Have you ever had a great business idea but didn’t know what to do next? A lot of first time entrepreneurs experience road blocks such as developing a business plan, feedback, marketing and financing and what to do with their million dollar idea.

That’s where organizations like Sault Start Up, YouLaunch and the Community Development Corporation come in. These not for profit groups are there to make your business venture successful. On Friday, potential entrepreneurs had the opportunity to discover what resources are out there in the community and the short answer is, a lot.

Several partners specializing in business start ups held WED (World Entrepreneurs Day) at the Station Mall.

“Entrepreneurs are risk takers by nature” said Nevin Buconjic from Start Up Sault who told “the best thing potential entrepreneurs can do is talk about their idea”  Buconjic said many people don’t in fear they think someone will steal their idea.  But getting the feedback with help plot the road map that person needs to see the idea grow into a business.

Getting people interested in your idea is sometimes a lot harder than you think. Take the shows Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank for example. It’s not easy getting an investor on board if your business plan is flawed or if your idea isn’t feasible at all.

Many of the organizations were on hand to show business start-ups what they have to offer to help take some of the guess work out of starting a small business.  In Canada, small businesses employed over 7.7 million Canadians representing over 70 percent of the private work force in the country. Small businesses play a crucial role in Canada’s economy. Between 2002 and 2012 small businesses, those with less than 100 employees, created almost 76 percent of all private jobs in Canada.

Do you have what it takes to launch a small business? we talked to two of the participants to find out what the next steps should be.