Election Signs Targeted by Taggers


TAG1Election signs, utility poles and mobile signs were hit by taggers sometime overnight Friday. Tagging has become a big problem for private and public property over the last while in Sault Ste. Marie say police.

Liberal lawn signs were hit along Second Line East along with other locations over the weekend.  Vandalism to election signs carry hefty fines and penalties according to the RCMP.

Defacing or pulling down campaign signs is a criminal offence, those who are caught will face a charge of mischief, which carries a fine of up to $5,000 or two years in prison.

Recently, SaultOnline’s Lynne Brown covered a story on the problem of tagging and the costs involved for this mischief that police describe as “not art” Sault Police Chief Keetch further said that prompt reporting and removal can go a long way to quelling this small group of graffiti bandits.



  1. The tagging nonsense has to stop.This City has to treat this as what it is a crime.Time to get serious with these taggers and prosecute them to the full extend of the law.Do the crime to the time.No more being nice to these taggers take them out of circulation and actually do something about it.What ever is being done now is not working.

  2. Unfortunately tagging, crime and vandalism are visible consequences of ineffective social programs to address at risk families and youth who are impacted by addictions, poverty and learning and mental health issues. One of the most effective ways our community can address these issues is to invest core funding for programs that currently have waiting lists. social programs such as supportive housing, addictions , assault counselling and anger management, as well as reinvest in Ontario Works and Ontario Disability workers who can go back to being support workers, instead of mainly financial administrators.. Their current case loads do not allow enough time to deal with the root causes of issues and at risk families continue the cycle each generation.

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