Federal leaders battle on the economy


OTTAWA – Stephen Harper says his phone call to the governor of the Bank of Canada is not a sign that there’s a problem with his management of the economy.

Harper is telling supporters in Quebec City that it is his job to watch the economy and if his opponents have a problem with that, they shouldn’t be running for the prime minister’s job.

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair has said the prime minister’s Monday phone call to Stephen Poloz was a sign that Harper’s economic plan isn’t working.

The economy was again front and centre today as the federal leaders continued campaigning and North American markets showed signs of rebounding a day after a major plunge.

Mulcair is telling supporters in Hamilton that he won’t need to run a deficit to finance his promises and will bring in a balanced budget next year.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau unveiled members of his economic team in Toronto and was joined by former prime minister Paul Martin, who helped slay the federal deficit during his time as finance minister in the 1990s.