For Family Fun, Add The Laird Fair


20150815_130415Buff Brahma Rooster, Silkie Rooster, Delaware Chicken, Salmon Faverolle Chicken, Silver Laced Sebright, Black Sex link Chicken and many more breeds of chickens and roosters were showcased, judged and awarded ribbons at The 2015 Laird Fair in Laird, Ontario.

20150815_130554The plethora of poultry and the young people who care for them gathered together in the Green Barns on the Laird fairgrounds for the annual Youth Algoma Poultry Association (YAPA) sanctioned exhibition and competition event. Mary Rose from Goulais River has a passion for endangered birds of the poultry variety. “I like to raise the Salmon Faverolle and Delaware Chicken.” she said on Saturday at The Laird Fair. The Livestock Conservancy lists the Salmon Faverolle and Delaware Chicken as critically endangered species.
Isaac Jacob from Iron Bridge, Ontario won some major awards with his Silkie Rooster. So did Hailey Callahan from St. Joe’s Island who took first place in the division with her Black Sex Link Chicken. Mikayla Winter from Desbarats scored ribbons and awards with her Buff Brahma Rooster, and Ben’s Silver Laced Sebright won in its’ category. The YAPA continues to be a vital resource for young people seeking to learn about, and care for, birds of the poultry variety.


Another highlight for young people was an amateur pet competition. Enthusiastic youngsters showcased dogs, a Holland Rabbit, a ‘skinny pig’ and a guinea pig in front of three local judges. Phil, Lance and Grace had their hands full trying to decide which pet was the Grand Champion, which, in the end, was Roxy, a second generation golden doodle-poodle. Gunner, a 5 1/2 yr. old chocolate labrador, showed by Arianna, won for Best Groomed Large Dog. Macy, an Australian Labradoodle won categories, including The Best Costume Award and Best Trick Award. Nathan Whitely won for the most unusual pet category with his ‘skinny pig’ (hairless) guinea pig. Nathan’s Holland Rabbit named Kitty also won Best Rabbit in the amateur pet show. Congratulations to all of the young people who entered competitions and exhibitions.

Several horse competitions took place on Saturday as well.

Olivia Sedolia attended the fair to share information about The Laird Museum & Heritage Centre (near Pumpkin Point Rd off Hwy 11/17 E.) The Laird Museum is open seasonally, and will close on August 22nd. There is a Heritage Tea taking place at the Museum on Monday, August 21st from 1 – 4 p.m.

Thessalon, Ontario author, Paton Lodge Lindsay took part in the Fair, showcasing two of her published books ‘King of Algonquin Park’ and ‘King’s Ransom’. Paton’s books have been shortlisted on The Ontario Libraries North reading list, as well as other honours that have her literary works bound for points international. Paton Lodge Lindsay shared “Burnstown Publishing has asked me for a third book in the series about the Algonquin Park Ranger who is the subject of my first two books.” Paton spent 21 years living with Emmet ‘Trapper’ Chartrand, in remote areas of northern ontario. Paton’s books are available at Cole’s bookstore locations, various tourist outposts, and of course, at your local library. Paton shared “An Ontario Arts Council Grant is what got me started in undertaking the first book as a serious writing endeavour.”

The Budweiser Grandstand, always a big draw for folks attending the fair, showcases live music and local talent.

The North Shore Agricultural Society is already planning The 2016 Laird Fair. Get out and support rural agricultural fairs. They are 100% family friendly.

Visit the following link for information about The Laird Fair.