Halfway Over

By Mikayla Huckerby, 10pm, St. Joseph Island, Gawas Bay

With the long August weekend behind us , the countdown clock to the end of Summer has begun. That doesn’t mean we are done with great summer weather though. August us shaping up to be a great month for those who don’t like hot hot weather.

The long range forecast for August sees temperatures just about normal for the most part, that’s around 23 to 26c on the high side.  August can also come with active weather as far as rain storms and Thunderstorms, but again, the long range forecast is calling for a fairly quiet period.

Environment Canada has recently given their Winter prediction too, and their call for winter 2015-16 spells a different picture than the everlasting winter we experienced.

According to Environment Canada, we’re in for a milder and drier winter. Mind you, at this time last year their prediction for the upcoming winter was saying pretty much the same thing, until they had to revise it last December  to one of the most harsh winter’s on record.

Let’s hope they got it right this year!


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