Hayes Responds To Skip Morrison on Passenger Train Service


Sault MP, Conservative incumbent Bryan Hayes issued the following letter to the media responding to comments made by the NDP and Skip Morrison on Tuesday. To hear what they said about Hayes and his performance on the passenger train issue – watch the video.


Skip Morrison and his NDP backroom strategists want to raise your taxes. But he knows our friends and families will never go for that, so instead of debating the merits of his high-tax scheme, he chooses to distract and talk about everything but.

Since Skip launched his press conference Tuesday, I have been inundated by residents who not only reject his high-tax scheme, but feel he crossed the line with his comments as he waded into a delicate issue without the facts that impacts so many residents of Northern Ontario. Moving forward we can only hope Skip and the NDP will raise the level of debate in the Sault, instead of engaging in ambulance chasing politics.

I am proud of the hard work I along with a core team of leaders in Sault Ste. Marie and area have done to keep the Federal Government at the table. Our collective efforts secured over $5 million dollars to help find a new operator and those discussions continue. This is how real representation works, without the mean spirited political bluster Skip displayed yesterday. Let’s allow this process to continue and get back to the real issue at hand: Why in such a fragile economic climate both internationally and here in Northern Ontario do Skip Morrison and the NDP believe you need to send more of your hard earned money to Ottawa? And why do Skip and the NDP want to resurrect the wasteful and ineffective Long Gun Registry that did nothing to protect society, yet made criminals of honest hard working hunters, fishers and sportsmen?

The facts are clear: Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Conservative Party is the only party with a proven plan to manage our economy and keep taxes low for Saulites and all Canadians. And we are the only party that will never bring back the wasteful and ineffective Long Gun Registry.

Bryan Hayes, Proud to Serve


  1. We are sick of Harper and Hayes. The problem I find here is not with Skip Morrison but with Charlie Angus and Carol Hughes the two who spearheaded this mean spirited attack on Hayes. What they did was take the facts and twisted them.

    The funding was re instated fact. Bryan Hayes led the charge on that and that is fact.

    NDP carbon Tax, Gun registry return facts. Anywhere the socialist have ruled have turn into crap. Liberals are just as bad as the Dippers. Spreading lies does not get votes. Taxing the crap out of me does not either. Sometimes it is best to go with the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.

  2. I fully realize we are in full bull crap mode from all the people that want to be our representative in Ottawa. I am already sick of Harpers face and whiny voice every time I turn on the news… What really ticks me off at the moment is the fact that Bryan comes on here to refute the NDP arguments and can’t even go somewhere and stand on a set of tracks to make his rebuttal…The picture used in this photo op doesn’t even look the least bit realistic, kind of a green screen app or photo-shop makeover…Bryan, at least take the time to walk over to the tracks, any tracks, God knows enough of them run thru this town, and take a real picture… Be a real somebody, not a shadow candidate, please…

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