His Best Friend Saved Him, Now He’s Trying to Save His Best Friend


Companion animals are much more than pets, they become part of your family and a big part of your life. That’s the way Brad Armstrong sees it.  Armstrong is the caregiver of Fuzz, a cat that not only changed his life but saved it as well.

Armstrong rescued Fuzz 13 years ago. “ I first Fuzz when she was very small, about 2003. I was taking some courses at “adult education” at Alexander Henry in the hopes of going on to Sault college. One day I saw a young girl with a box of kittens outside and she was letting a crowd stick their hands in there and I knew that wasn’t a good idea.” Armstrong said, ” I walked right up determined to take the whole box away and find them a better situation. When I got there there was just one extremely tiny kitten hiding in a corner of the box shaking from fear. I swept her up and simply walked away. When she was still small her tail grew huge before her body did, she was so darn cute I knew I had to keep her” 

Fuzz has been by his side ever since. Armstrong explains that Fuzz is much more than a constant companion, as many people experience companion animals are always there to help us through tough periods in our lives. ” I truly believe that without her and the other cat I had at the time kept me from taking my life as I am bi-polar and suffer greatly from depression” Armstrong said. ” I have never received the love I have got from them so they mean the world to me.”

Armstrong is currently unemployed and looking for work which makes the next part of the story much harder.

Fuzz has recently become very sick. Armstrong, however has no means to get the help his beloved cat needs. ” She has developed large angry looking lumps on her belly.” Armstrong thinks it could be cancer but with little money he can’t afford to get a proper diagnosis. ” lethargic quite lately and mostly just sits on a chair in the kitchen. She won’t come to bed like she used to. She loved snuggling under the covers but no longer does.”

Armstrong lost all hope, exhausting all avenues for his cat and was reserved with the thought that he might lose his best friend.

Armstrong has 25 plus years as a red seal certified chef but left the profession due to stress of the job. He lives on disability assistance but it doesn’t allow enough for hefty vet bills.

Brad Anderson can't imagine his life without Fuzz the cat "I am accepting any and all prayers!"
Brad Armstrong can’t imagine his life without Fuzz the cat “I am accepting any and all prayers!”

When SaultOnline.com heard of Armstrong’s story, we sprung into action. SaultOnline.com partnered with Ableson Veterinary Service on Trunk road to make sure Anderson can get a proper examination for Fuzz and diagnosis.  Ableson Veterinary is one of the newest vet clinics in town that opened in the Spring of 2014 – the clinic has already created a lot of buzz around town for its great customer service and care and compassion for their patients .

The news came as a shock to Armstrong ”  I thought I was so alone on this but now I am absolutely overwhelmed with the support I’m getting ,  I am stunned and absolutely overwhelmed at the outpouring of support from saultonline and Ableson’s” 

An appointment for Fuzz has been booked for Friday and Anderson is hoping for the best for his aging cat however some friends and himself will try to raise more money this weekend through a yard sale with the proceeds going towards any further vet bills. The yard sale will take place from noon to whenever at 210 Cathcart Street on Saturday. ” If folks want to donate at Ableson’s on behalf of Fuzz that’s fine by me, whatever works!” Armstrong said, relived that his best friend will at least get an examination and possible treatment. Armstrong understands that the road ahead could be bumpy, as the cat’s prognosis is still unknown, but is grateful that his cat will be in good hands at Ableson’s.

Those wishing to help with the yard sale or make donations can meet Brad at the yard sale on Saturday and in the meantime, hopefully a little medical attention will give him and his cat many more years of unconditional love and companionship.





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