Is Castle Farms Coming to the Sault?


What is there to do in the Sault? The Downtown is dead/dying, the Tour Train is on its way out, the Bush Plane Museum is also dying, judging from the layoffs, and Bellevue Park, what’s there?

So what is left, the Pavilion where every Tuesday and Thursday there are bands to entertain music lovers.

The biggest thing going in the Sault is the Rotaryfest that is held in July every year and the place is packed with people.

The Solution, more music.

Over the weekend Mike Severin and his helpers held a concert similar to the concerts that used to be held in Charlebois Michigan years ago and it was a successful venture. All that has to be done now is to get the city, the musicians, and the people of this slowly dying city on board.

Where to have these concerts you ask? The Machine Shop, every block in the downtown, Algoma University front yard, Sault College, or even the dilapidated band shell at Bellevue Park are ideal sites for tourists to become aware of the annual concerts.

This whole city is slowly dying and even its residents are becoming disgruntled with the situation.

Maybe Mr. Dominic Ruscio was right in trying to get rid of the Downtown Association. It has done nothing to enhance the area since its inception years ago. All it has done is take the business people’s money from them to pay someone to do nothing.

Mike Severin has a dream, a dream that isn’t that far fetched.


  1. Mike, you have always to a big supporter to me and the Bushplane Centre. I am disturbed with the article you wrote on August 17th about Castle Farms and the Bushplane being dead? We are far from dead and publicity like that does not help any business. We are as busy as always as the number one attraction in Sault Ste. Marie. Events happening all year including our own and community events being held here. Family Day, Mother’s day, 20th Annual Bushplane Days, 3rd Annual Java Jamboree, 3rd Annual Holiday Gift & Craft Show to name a few. Eat Algoma is here, Bon Soo Activites, Beer Festival and NO we are not dying. We are also getting ready to launch our new touch screen exhibits, Bushplane Productions Video Team is booking productions on a regular basis, our Fox Moth is getting ready to take flight, a new micro brewery gets set to open in October. NO we are not dying. We have a full schedule of weddings booked this year as well as next year and even into 2017..Dead? I think you owe us a great article about our great attraction that has so much to offer to the people of Sault Ste. Marie and all our guests from all over the world..Dead you say? We are getting more alive than ever! Edie Suriano, Marketing & Promotions

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