Kozak DQd from Modified Feature


The winner of the Modified Feature race, Nick Kozak, was disqualified from winning the race for having illegal tires on his race car as learned in conversation with another modified racer.

Even though Kozak was interviewed on the front stretch for winning the race the disqualification was not known until after the driver and car went through tech.

Having illegal tires, one side had slicks and the other side had treaded  tires is a blatant disregard for the rules and should have been caught prior to the driver and car going out for the feature race.

Nick Kozak is a seasoned racing veteran and should have been well aware of the rules as he was a crew member on Dustin Jackson’s modified.

At Kinross Speedpark the Modifieds go through tech prior to their feature race. Vehicle height and weight are checked and after the driver and car pass tech the driver and car go straight to the line up and if the car goes back to their pit they must go through tech again prior to competing in the feature.

Maybe this might be an avenue to pursue prior to the feature races at Laird International Raceway to ensure that there is an even playing field for all competitors.

A Laird International Raceway spokesperson noted that it was dark when the cars were lining up for the feature and the mismatch of the tires was not noticed prior to the race.