Law of Suction


There are a number of universal laws that apparently explain how the world functions. I remember hearing of these laws as it applies to improving our quality of life. There was one law that particularly stuck in my mind, even though I cannot recall what it was called.

The law, as I understood it, stated that in order for us to get more of something into our lives, we must ensure that we are taking care of what we do have. I went on to jokingly refer to this concept as the law of suction…

This law of suction has been very powerful for me and I was reminded of the concept the other day. I was sitting in my living room overlooking our back yard. I was feeling particularly grateful for the view, but noticed how the grass was getting out of control.

I would much rather have long grass than brown dead grass, so we were hesitant to cut it lately, with all of the hot weather. As I sat there, I realized the energy that the unattended grass was transmitting.

What I learned of this law of suction was that if we are looking to achieve something more or better in our lives, we must care for what we do have.

If you look around, are there messes that need cleaning? Basements that need organizing? Closets that need purging? Desks that need straightening? Dust than needs wiping? Bills that need paying? Clothes that need sorting? Garages that need an overhaul? Porches that need shovelling out? Projects that need finishing?

Do you break phones? Have broken bikes? Cracked screens? Things that need attention in your surroundings? Are your lists undone? Are you neglecting certain things? Is your car full of garbage? Is your locker loaded with junk?

My version of the law of suction is that if I want to achieve more success in my life or business, I must ensure that I am organized, careful, responsible and on top of things. If I am not on top of things, how can I be expected to handle more?

Although this can be eye opening, we need to look around at our life, our home, our office, our schedule, our car and our current relationships. Would we give ourselves more or do our surroundings indicate that we are already out of control with what we currenty have going on?

Want a better job? We have to ensure that we are projecting a responsible, organized and together employee at our current job. If we don’t have a job, are we sleeping all hours of the day and watching a ton of television? This will only project that we have no ambition to work and are not doing anything to improve our situation.

Want a better vehicle? Ensure that our current vehicle is clean, free of garbage, cared for and organized.

Want a better relationship? Are we doing everything we can to ensure that we are a partner that we would want to be with?

Want to earn more money in our business? Are we handling the money we do have, in a responsible way? Is our business organized, clean and functioning smoothly?

When we handle what we do have with care and attention, more of it will be brought into our lives. The law indicates that we will suck in more of the same.

With the reminder of the law of suction, I threw my butt off the couch and the rest followed. I put on my work clothes and boots and headed out to cut the grass. It felt fantastic to cross that task off the list, for sure.

Are we sucking in good stuff or are we sucking in bad stuff? If we are not sure, we just need to look around…

‘Live each day as if your life had just begun.’ ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe