Over ten years ago, I was sitting in a conference room in Puerto Rico, with hundreds of other people who were interested in improving the quality of their lives. The speaker was Michael Losier, the author of the book, ‘Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t’. I was intrigued.

Michael was unknown to me at the time; even though he went on to be a bestselling author and radio host on the Oprah Winfrey network. To this day, I hear Michael’s voice in my head, getting me back on track when I am straying from the life I envision for myself. I wanted to make sure that I shared this powerful philosophy with you.

The Coles Notes version of the Law of Attraction is that we attract into our lives what we think, feel and focus on. Our thoughts are like an energy magnet that pulls toward us the very things that we bring into our bubble of our daily lives.

Imagine that your bubble is what you see, say, hear and feel within a two foot diameter around yourself. What words, phrases, thoughts, feelings or types of people are you including in your bubble? What do you see, hear and feel on a regular basis, in your daily life? This will determine the quality of your life.

If we create positive energy, in the bubble that surrounds us, we can manifest positive things into our reality. Alternatively, the opposite may happen, when our bubble is filled with anxiety, worry, negativity or toxicity.

Ensuring that your bubble is treated like a highly sensitive and controlled environment, you will start to notice how your life can change, for the better. It has been life changing for me.

After the conference, where I heard Michael talk about this, I immediately put it to the test. On the way from our hotel, we had to travel several miles away, by shuttle towards the airport. We were running a bit early and decided to explore a nearby village for a cafe.

We happened upon a coffee shop and we were talking about my favourite seminar of the whole several days of speakers. Michael won my vote and I committed to the fact that I would consciously make an effort to put this concept into practice.

As we were sitting there, in the front window of the coffee shop, Michael Losier walked in. My heart skipped a beat. I couldn’t believe that he appeared in that very moment. What were the chances? No other members of the conference were anywhere in sight and we were all on different flights.

After Michael finished at the counter, I approached him and commented on how much I appreciated his information at the event. Michael was headed to do some sightseeing for the day and wished us well.

Once we arrived at the airport, I was commenting on how it was so hard to leave such a beautiful place. I did yoga overlooking a magnificent water view, experienced Zen gardens, travelled on a tram down a mountainside, walked a meditation labyrinth, floated in a beautiful pool, journalled and went on walks to explore, between sessions.

Ahead of us in line, we saw a man who was being very upset and irate to the woman at the counter. I then learned that our flight was delayed, potentially overnight. I guess I attracted my wish to stay longer in Puerto Rico!

Deciding to attract something good out of the situation, I approached the counter with kindness, compassion and empathy for the poor woman who had to listen to irate customers complaining about the delayed flight.

I was exceptionally nice to her, advised that we understood it was not her fault and proceeded to be as pleasant as I could be. We were directed to a lobby to wait for further instruction, as they weren’t sure if the flight could even leave that day, at all.

A long while later, the woman from the counter approached us, handed us our boarding passes and whispered that that she upgraded us to first class! I had never flown in expensive seats, in my life.

When we finally entered the plane, we were directed to first class. Someone helped us with our bags, they asked if we wanted anything to drink, an eye pillow, blanket or newspaper, before we even sat down, we had a full reclining seat to sleep and had so much room around each seat. It was amazing!

The only thing I noticed was that there was no screen on the front of the plane to watch movies. I was a bit disappointed until I discovered that we each had an individual flat screen television that pulled out of the arm rest, with movies, TV shows or music to choose from! We felt pampered.

At one point, when the curtains were opened to the coach area of the plane, I noticed the grumpy man who was irate at the counter. He didn’t get upgraded to first class! I manifested those seats, by putting out good energy into my bubble.

On that trip, I also used this technique to manifest a free hotel room and free clothing voucher from Kohl’s department store in Detroit and a discount on our next flight, due to the fact that our luggage didn’t arrive and we missed our connecting flight home.

Four years later, after realizing the deep impact his seminar had on my life; I arranged to bring Michael Losier to Sault Ste. Marie, where over 400 of us learned more about the Law of Attraction.

I have manifested free room upgrades, free nights in hotels, free meals, free travel, free seminars, better seats, free retreats, front row tickets, event upgrades, discounts, healing, and so much more. I have been truly blessed.

At that same seminar, a decade ago, a woman who attended as well, set a goal to earn a million dollars a year. In 2015, she finally achieved her intention when she reached over the million mark in sales, in her own small business…! Congratulations to a master manifester!!!

Over the years, I have documented thousands of positive outcomes from working in conjunction with the Law of Attraction. Manifesting is like a magic resource that brings good into our lives.

Law of Attraction is also why I constantly fill my bubble with nature, nature views, nature photos and nature videos. This keeps my bubble topped up with the most energizing images that bring me joy, which helps to dissipate the normal negativity of our daily reality.

What is in your bubble?

“Remember, the Law of Attraction does not care whether you are remembering, pretending,
celebrating, playing, creating, complaining or worrying. It simply responds to what’s in your
vibrational bubble. So, find proof, rejoice and send out a positive vibration.’ ~ Michael Losier