Moose Monologue


To whomever made the hacks and cuts that ultimately destroyed this magestic art installment, you’re as far from clever or funny as The North Pole is from the South. You made no statement about how powerful you are. Indeed, you accomplished just the opposite.


On Thursday, August 27th, my girlfriend and I enjoyed a gorgeous early evening stroll along one of our favourite places to walk. The Waterfront Boardwalk. The view of the International Bridge, and the Mighty St. Mary’s River under the watchful gaze of The Moose, looked especially beautiful that night. Boats moored, anchored for an evening of rest in the marina. All within sight of The Moose, carved from white pine, and created by artist Mike Brouillete about 20 years ago.


To the vandal (s) who made some seriously bad choices the night you tore into the Moose art installment: There will come a day, when something you created will be spoiled, or rendered useless, or completely destroyed. Because that’s how karma works. Someday, when you least expect it, the Fates will equalize things. Call it what you will..’Divine intervention’, or ‘You reap what you sew’ or ‘Karma’s gonna bite you in the arse’.

In the meantime, I hope you are nursing some nasty splinters in your hands. Karma is just warming up. Good luck hiding.


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