NDP Support Grows Nationally and Locally


If you put faith in opinion polls the riding of Sault Ste. Marie could turn from blue to orange according to the latest polls released August 25.

The NDP now has a strong lead over the governing Conservatives and almost double that of the Liberals so says  The Laurier Institute for the Study of Public Opinion and Policy (Lispop) poll that gives a projection as of August 25 with the NDP winning 134 seats compared to the 116 seats for the Conservatives. The Liberals remain unchanged at 86 seats.

Locally, the NDP continue to have support of the majority of the voters polled.  The same poll projects a NDP win for this riding upsetting incumbent Conservative, Bryan Hayes. In the 2011 Federal election the Conservatives won the riding with 40.4 percent of the vote compared to the second place NDP at 37.4 percent.  Hayes won the seat over long time NDP MP Tony Martin. Christian Provenzano ran under the Liberal banner and placed third, Provenzano went on to win the municipal race in 2013 becoming the Mayor of Sault Ste. Marie in the fall of 2014.

The troubling economy seems to be a major player concerning the dip in Conservative support in the polls released today and the on-going Duffy trial continues to hinder Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s campaign.  The Conservative leader has faced questions regarding his PMO staff and their knowledge of the senate scandal.


  1. And yet another poll puts them all in a dead heat.. Polls seem to be as partisan as the very parties themselves… It all depends on what you want to believe…All I know for sure is we don’t need another session of Harper, or Hayes here in the Soo…Maybe we should vote in Trudeau just for the sake of having some young ideas, instead of the same old, same old…I don’t really think you need to have one foot in the grave to be Prime Minister…At least Trudeau’s hair blows in the wind, unlike Harpers which just stays glued down like it’s painted on…LOL..Not very A political myself…LOL…

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