New Information: Secrets Surrounding Prime Minister’s Visit?

0 was first to tell  you that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is making a stop in Sault Ste. Marie on Tuesday, today we can tell you where.

The Prime Minister will talk to supporters Tuesday evening at the Algoma’s Water Tower Inn and Suites.

No official word has come from the Prime Minister’s office nor the local candidate Bryan Hayes to confirm. Though party supporters have been invited to the function, media as of yet have not.

It’s common practice the media is contacted well in advance of a leader making an appearance, especially during an important election as this one.  The office for Bryan Hayes, the Conservative incumbent for this riding have not responded to our e-mails to confirm.

In the last few weeks, reports in various media indicate that Conservative candidates avoid media and participating in local debates. Hayes, however will be taking part in a televised debate on Shaw TV September 15.