OLG Brass Talks Jobs, Decision on Casino Still Coming

Stephen Rigby, OLG President and CEO, David Orazietti, MPP and Philip Olsson, Chair of OLG’s Board of Directors

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming board of directors held their monthly board meeting in Sault Ste. Marie today and later talked to media about the northern bundle of casino’s and the importance Sault Ste. Marie will play in the overall OLG modernization plan. Philip Olsson Board Chair was asked what if any, difference does the recent vote to unionize will have on the OLG modernization plans.

“We have organized labour in many locations around the province , we respect the right for people to organize and we will work with whatever the worker’s ask us to do”

Olsson and OLG President and CEO Stephen Rigby meet with the Mayor and other city officials yesterday to assure the city that OLG is committed to keep as many high paying jobs in the city, and also pointed out that there are currently 70 positions open in Sault Ste. Marie. “We’re relying on this community to do its part to develop and supply the talent , these a good jobs, highly trained jobs and it’s an opportunity to make the Sault a centre for digital gaming” Olsson said, “and before you ask me, yes the head office has been here, and it will stay here, we have a corporate office in Toronto but it’s not under discussion”

Asked about the 70 positions to be filled, Olsson couldn’t deny that some of those jobs could be eliminated once the modernization plan is rolled out. “It is an issue, but there should be more jobs after the modernization if the city does what we’re asking it to do”

“With regards to the Northern Bundle, we are extremely happy with the progress being made” said President and CEO Stephen Rigby, “and I think we can expect to see some news on that in the not too distant future, quite possibly this year but I can’t commit to that”