Pages from the Past – 1982


Health Minister Larry Grossman said that the Ontario Government should probably consider tax breaks for people who renovate or expand their homes to make room for elderly relatives instead of placing them in nursing homes. He told nursing homes not to look for more financing because of an anticipated increase in the number of seniors who will need health care.
Still a problem to this day. Not enough homes, workers, and money to care for the seniors.


Lung Donors Refused
Toronto General Hospital refused to accept 12 lungs from healthy donors for a gentleman who has been on an artificial lung for 14 days. The doctors believe that people with only one lung are considered a high medical risk.
censoredOntario Census Board
The Ontario Board of Census has ordered the deletion of a scene depicting oral sex from one of the movies scheduled to be screened at the Festival of Festivals at Toronto’s annual tribute to the world of celluloid. Organizers decided to cancel the showing of the one feature and the Censor Board Chairman said that the scene would leave the film open to prosecution by police.

Herpes Run Rampant in Schools
It was reported that in Toronto, 1 out of 3 youths aged 16 to 18, suffer from venereal herpes. It was also reported that there is one abortion for every birth in York Borough. They blame it on Roman Catholics not using birth control.
Pregnant Women Find Caffeine Hard to Handle
Two Quebec researchers claim that during the last month of pregnancy, there is a sharp decline in the ability of a woman to eliminate caffeine. They say that both the mother and the fetus are exposed to high levels of the stimulant.

on strikeLabour Front
68 Health Ministry Employees who refused to transfer when the head office was moved to Kingston, have been laid off.

245 Halifax firefighters foresee a long strike, (34 months). City council refuses to increase their offer and the union president stated that if any of the firefighters answered any emergency calls, they would be expelled from the union and thus lose their jobs.


Bus Hits Moose
A bus hit a moose on its way to Sault Ste. Marie. The accident occurred at the junction of Highway 563 and Highway 17 North. The bus sustained $10,000 in damage and the moose succumbed to the injuries that it sustained.

Preseason Hockey
Wayne Gretzky scored 2 goals and assisted on 3 others as the Oilers beat the Buffalo Sabers 7-4. This comes after the year in which he scored 92 goals and had 212 points.

football strike

NFL Strike
While there is an NFL strike, CBS and NBC will still pay the league for games whether they are played or not. The Player’s Union sees this as a scare tactic to make them go back to work.

Family Chef Restaurant
Fresh Lake Trout Dinner with all the helpings – $6.95
Fresh Lake Trout Dinner with all the helpings – $4.95