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Our weekly look at stories and headlines that made the news in the past.

leukemiaInternational – Is Leukemia Contagious
Back in 1967 doctors didn’t know whether Leukemia was contagious or not. There was a house in Douglas, Georgia that doctors yhought might hold the answer. The house had 3 different families that had lived in it and also 1 different member of each family that had contracted the disease since 1957. In 1967 there was no lab tests that could prove that Leukemia was a virus.

Cleveland, Ohio
A computer at John Carroll University inadvertently given everyone and in every subject an A. The appropriate marks were finally dolled out and the computer was given an F.
Northern Ontario – NDP Seek 2nd Seat in Northern Ontario

Sudbury, which has been a Liberal city for the last 20 years will be contested James Jerome, NDP Melville Germa, and Conservative Colin Caswell. The election was called because of the death of the present seating member. The only other riding in N.O. that was NDP was Capreol in the Nickel Belt Region.

OPP Report
OPP advised all trailer haulers that if your car and trailer exceed 20′ in length, you must have directional signals and stop lights. If the trailer exceeds 3000 lbs. then brakes are required on the trailer
Seven Juveniles Sentenced for Break-ins
Seven juveniles ranging in ages from 12 to 15 were sentenced for break-ins in the East End of the City. The break-ins involved 5 schools and losses and damage exceeded $300. In passing sentences of 2 years probation, the judge said that he was impressed with the attitude and control that the parents had over the children.

waterWater Safety Week
On May 27, 1967 City Council proclaimed May 28th to June 1st as Water Safety Week. In this case it was because of the increasing accidents and fatalities through swimming and boating. Today they should proclaim it because of the lack in quality of our drinking water.

Baseball – Back in 1967 both NL and AL were comprised of ten team leagues. As of the date of this printing, the Yankees were mired in 8th place, 8 games behind 1st place Chicago. The Tigers were 1/2 game behind Chicago.

Al Kaline led the league in batting average with a 366/ Rod Carew was second with 328. Kaline also led the league in RBIs, hits, and home runs.
The Blue Jays were just a dream.

Real Estate
5 Room Brick Home – $21,000 – Brick Fireplace and attached garage
7 Room Frame Home – $24,250 – Rec-room, laundry room, and air conditioning

1960's home