Police on Lookout for Purse Snatchers

Police Purse Snatching

The Sault Ste. Marie Police Service would like to remind shoppers to keep an eye on their purses and wallets while shopping.

Around 6:30 pm last evening City Police attended at a grocery store in the central area of town after a shopper reported the theft of their purse.

The female shopper reported that while she was selecting groceries she was approached by a male and female. The two females chatted.

After the couple left, the victim noted that her purse, which had been in her cart, was missing.
The purse is described as a light turquoise purse with a long strap. Contents of the purse included credit card, bank cards, cash, personal identification as well as a Nokia model 635 cell phone in a bright green case.

Several witnesses were spoken to who were in the area at the time. The investigation is ongoing.

The following crime prevention tips will help you reduce your chances of being a victim:
-Never leave your purse in a shopping cart or on counters. In the few seconds it takes you to look at merchandise a thief can steal your purse
-Consider a purse that has short straps so that it rides right under your arm. Or if want your hands to be free, consider a cross strap purse but ensure that it is carried so that the purse is in front of you
-If you are simply running into one or two stores consider taking just the minimum amount of money, a debit card or the credit card you need
-Consider making copies of all the personal identification and credit and bank cards you keep in your purse or wallet. If they are lost or stolen, you have that information to make it easier to cancel them. It will also assist you in replacing stolen items.
A few moments of prevention will prevent hours of headaches and stress to replace stolen items.