Seeking School Supplies


A ‘Back- to- School’ Supplies Drive, initiated by a local High School teacher has come to the attention of Harnessing the power of Social media, specifically Facebook, Jodi Lind is working to provide as many young people as possible in our community with some of the back-to-school supplies they need to get started in the 2015-2016 School Year.
Jodi Lind teaches at C.A.S.S. (Central Algoma Secondary School) with the Algoma District School Board in Desbarats, Ontario. “Back to School can be an exciting time, but it can also be a stressful time for students and families.” shared Jodi. “Some students and their families, find this time of year very difficult. Especially when there might be more than one child returning to elementary or high school.”

Jodie Lind
The intent for this back-to-school supplies drive is to support young people and families living with issues associated with poverty. Jodi, and one of the colleagues she car-pools with, began thinking about this issue on the drive from Sault Ste. Marie to Desbarats, and started discussing ways to help kids get some of the school supplies they need.
“Many teachers find themselves purchasing paper, and other school supplies throughout the course of the school year.” shared Jodi. “My hope is that this school supplies drive will alleviate some of the pressure for families who can’t afford to get everything on the list provided by teachers. The children will get the list of supplies required (for the school year) from teachers within the first few days of school going back.”

The Algoma District School Board and The Huron Catholic District School Board both begin classes on Tuesday, September 8th,2015.

MandelaEducationQuoteblackboardimageThe September surge in retail purchasing for for back-to-school supplies can be daunting for families living with poverty as part of their reality. Things like school shoes, (indoor and outdoor), back packs, paper, pens, pencil, markers, binders, coloured pencils and more. The list goes on and on. Jodi has posted a helpful list on the Facebook page for the School Supplies Drive.

Jodi is starting her 16th year of teaching, and she is looking forward to getting started with the new school year at C.A.S.S.
This grassroots initiative, ‘The Back-To-School-Supplies Drive’ will go into the second week of the school year, wrapping up on Wednesday, September 16th,2015. Once all the supplies are gathered, Jodi is making arrangements to share them with one or more local non-profit working with families in need.

Jodi will pick up supplies from individuals, or they can be dropped off at her home location with some advanced notice. You can help by following the : Facebook link wishes Jodi good luck with this wonderful project to support youngsters in our community. Way to go Jodi Lind.