Sheehan Will Support Unions


If elected, the Liberal Party has pledged to reverse Conservative legislation that adversely impacts labour unions across the country.

“Being an active part of my own local, I appreciate the important work that labour unions do, and I am proud that a Liberal government would be prepared to repeal or cancel legislation that the Conservative party has passed, which has been fully supported by Bryan Hayes”, said Terry Sheehan, Liberal candidate for the Sault and area. Two such examples are Bill C-525 and Bill C-377.

Bill C-525 is a Private Member’s Bill that was introduced by Conservative MP Blaine Calkins and passed in December 2014. The Liberal Party of Canada has committed to repealing it should it form government.
Who it affects: The Bill directly affects approximately 1.25 million employees who work in federally regulated industries such as transportation, telecommunications, postal services, crown corporations, as well as the federal public service (including employees of Parliament).

Political purpose: C-525 is designed to make it harder for unions to be certified and to make it easier for unions to be decertified. Research has also shown that moving from a “card check” based system to a “mandatory vote system” reduces unionization rates. This is the true motivation behind the bill.

Bill C-377 is a Private Member’s Bill that was recently passed by the Senate. The Liberal Party of Canada has committed to repealing it should it become law and the Liberal party form government.

Who it affects: All labour organizations in Canada, including even the smallest locals and national unions, labour councils, federations of labour and other umbrella organizations, as well as intermediate organizations. The Parliamentary Budget Office has estimated that over 18,000 labour entities could be affected.
“These two bills are detrimental to many workers here in Sault Ste. Marie from steelworkers to Federal government employees, as MP for Sault Ste. Marie I will work with all of my Liberal colleagues and any Members of Parliament to protect the rights of workers”, said Sheehan.