Susan Let’s Her Fingers Do The Lovin’ and Healing


People will go great lengths to make sure their beloved pet is happy and healthy , from buying the best food to the best healthcare and everything in between. But according to Susan Walker, a pet healer, the magic of good help for your pet comes from your fingers, in the form of massage.

Walker, who is based in Hamilton Ontario is a certified animal masseuse and healing touch for animal practitioner. She operates  GimmePaws and claims she helps humans help their animals.

Walker was in Sault Ste. Marie this past weekend at the first ever Riverfest. She was on hand to show people how to relax, restore, rejuvenate and rehabilitate their pets.

“massage works the same way on animals as it does for humans, with the exception that they need a little more intervention, they can’t talk but they can tell us when they are sore” Walker said, “what I really like to do is show humans what they can do for their animals on a daily basis”

She does that by showing people very simple massage techniques that deepens the relationship with the animal. “Dogs are all about touch, but it’s not about just petting them”

Walker said she has had extensive training on the anatomy and physiological needs of animals that helps her give the healing touch.  “everything about the animal  is about circulation and energy”

She recommends starting right off the bat with your animals, when they are young to get the animal used to the human touch and work from there – just as in humans there are pressure points on the body that releases stress, especially down the spine of the animal , gentle calming energy”

Walker said by teaching the animal early on in its life, it makes trips to the vet so much better and calming for the animal, because they are used to being touched all over.  “every animal has a sweet spot – the animal will normally let you know by yawning or sighing once you have found that you just keep on touching , it should be very calming experience for you and your companion animal”

Walker says animals by instinct won’t always tell us when they hurt, it’s a sign of weakness to the “pack” so they tend to hide it but by taking a few minutes a day and stimulating the muscles. In dog’s for example many tend to get problems with their back end and they end up not using their back legs and hips like they used to. “All those nerve endings and the circulation coming from the spine slowly loses it’s ability to get to the back end so by stimulating those muscles it improves the circulation in the areas the animal needs”

“sometimes we act like our animals are machines and they’re not, they are living breathing sentient   beings, start with one minute a day and then the next day two minutes and you have the tools with your hands”

Walker travels to her client’s home which makes it better for the animal and care giver. “massage is one of the oldest and most effective forms of healing”

Walker also does over the phone consultations and will talk you through the techniques to use.

For those interested in learning more visit Walker’s website