The Video the Prime Minister Doesn’t Want You To See


In this day and age, everyone has a recording device it seems, so when a big public figure shows up at BBQ, chances are that person is being recorded. Such was the case back in August 2011 when Prime Minister Stephen Harper was an invited guest at the annual summer BBQ hosted by then Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford.

As the story goes, the video was posted on youtube but was quickly removed the next day “by the user” According to reports, the removal of the video was a result of legal teams for the Prime Minister threatening to sue the video producer.

In the video, Harper is shown talking to the crowd about “a Conservative hat trick”  Harper calls for a Conservative hat-trick in Ontario saying, “We’ve cleaned up the left-wing mess federally in this area, Rob’s doing it municipally, and now we’ve got to complete the hat-trick and do it provincially as well.”

As you can see, the video is making its rounds again after being re-posted recently.  The removal of the video made headlines in 2011 in Macleans and the Toronto Star.


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