Trudeau Illustrates That It Is Time For Change: Sheehan


In last night’s Leader’s Debate Justin Trudeau made an effective and compelling case for the real change that Canada needs. For a decade Prime Minister Harper and the Conservative government have governed in a way that has divided the country, diminished our influence on the world stage, damaged our economy and abandoned our responsibilities when it comes to the environmental challenges we face.

“Last night’s debate showed the people of Canada and Sault Ste. Marie that Mr. Trudeau is ready to lead the country in a much different way than Mr. Harper has. He understands, as I do, that there needs to be a change, a shift from how the country has been run for the last 10 years”, said Sault Ste. Marie and Area Federal Liberal Candidate, Terry Sheehan.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada are ready to provide the country with a government that will work hard to create economic conditions that will reinvigorate our economy to provide more opportunities for the middle class and those that are striving to join it. The Liberal plan will cut taxes for the middle class, so Canadians can keep more of the money they earn. This, coupled with the creation of a bigger, fairer, automatic, and tax-free monthly benefit to assist families with the high cost of raising their children, are part of the plan to improve the lives of Canadian families.

Sheehan says, “For close to twenty years, as a Catholic School Board Trustee and City Councilor, I have worked hard to improve our city, to benefit those that live here. I am ready to bring that same ethic and goal to the job of Member of Parliament and provide Sault Ste. Marie and Area with an effective and experienced voice in Ottawa.”

Having overseen the worst economic growth record of any Prime Minister since the 1930’s, Mr. Harper continues to assure Canadians that things are fine. Things are far from it, the Liberal Party is ready with a plan to change this.


  1. lol..i suppose Harper is..? 150+ Billion Dollars more to the Canadian debt, are you on glue, Harper inherited 25 billion + surplus, and he blew it all it + 150+ Billion. The cost of living doubled under Harper’s watch, do you actually think Harper saved you money..another 4 years in power and Harper will drive his debt to 230 Billion. Harper deserves to get “Fired” Harper will need to scrap the pension plan and health care system. And you know what..?, come 4 years from now he will somehow still manage to increase the national debt. you are not very smart, are you..?. and when you get seriously ill, your insurance company will inform you, they won’t cover you. it’s going to have to come out of your wallet. What will you be saying then..? Harper is playing you all like a “Chumps”.

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