Who, Why?


Those are the questions that people are asking themselves after it was reported that the moose on the Boardwalk had been beheaded.


As reported earlier Sunday morning, vandals caused extensive damage to the decorative wooden moose statue proudly displayed on the city’s waterfront boardwalk. City Police believe the moose was damaged sometime after 10pm Friday and early Saturday morning.

The moose was crated by local artist Mike Brouillete about 20 years ago.

Sault Police Services do not have any new information on who is responsible for the mischief. The moose has been hit by vandals several times since being installed along the waterfront.



  1. If you need a hand fixing the moose, I volunteer to help. Send me an e-mail. I need a couple guys with steady hands, scafolding, small tube of PL premium and some wooden dowells. Let me know.

  2. Go stand at the moose and look up there is 24 hour surveillance cameras two huge ass cameras affixed to Olg building. So the question is why they aren’t looking. Oh wait that would involve work and investigation. They don’t get paid for that.

  3. So senseless!

    Do we have to monitor things 24/7? Is it time for the surveillance state?

    I say fix the moose and put a 24 hour webcam aimed at it from up high, so the Moose of our youth will be there for many years to come.
    Very disrespectful to the artist

    So sorry to chainsaw artist Mike Brouillete. This is why the Soo can’t have nice things 🙁

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