A Rainbow Connection


Sure is a pretty time of year, though the leaves are slowly changing, one SaultOnline.com viewer spotted some colour in the sky on Monday in the form of a double rainbow.


SaultOnline.com viewer, Audrey Lacey sends in these photos from the Garden River area.

“I frequently walk my three huskies out at Garden River. It was a sunny rainy day on September 19, 2015 and while near the Pow Wow grounds and along the river I experienced an awesome sight ….a brilliant rainbow. It was very unusual as the end of the rainbow actually appeared to touch the grounds and the water. I have never seen anything like this!” wrote Audrey.

You won’t be seeing many rainbows for the rest of the week, clear conditions will prevail right through the weekend with plenty of sun, and more seasonal temperatures in the mid teens. Dropping to a chilly low overnight hovering just above the freezing mark.

The long range for October sees a good mix of rain, cloud and sun for the month and temperatures pretty much holding steady where they should be at this time of year, mid teens to high single digits.

The long, long range forecast sees the first snow (but not staying) the last week of October to the first few days in November.  Last year the Sault got it’s first taste of winter with a blanket of snow and ice on November 8th.