Algoma U Launches New Specialization in Mobile Software Engineering

Algoma University Computer Science

Students enrolled in Algoma University’s renowned Bachelor of Computer Science program can now further enhance the quality of their degree by specializing in Mobile Software Engineering.

The Mobile Software Engineering specialization enables students to apply foundational skills of Computer Science to the development of applications and systems that implement the use of mobile devices in modern computer systems. This allows students to develop expertise in what is becoming a predominant part of the application of computer technology. Students will study a range of applications in mobile devices and will learn to develop applications on a variety of mobile platforms. Graduates will be able to apply the use of mobile devices in business, industry, social media, and gaming. This specialization requires that students complete at least one major project that can form the basis for a portfolio of skills as they seek employment in the industry.

Computer Science graduates, especially those with an understanding of application development, continue to be in demand in today’s work force. By 2018, it is estimated that there will be over 180,000 computer science-based jobs available, with only 70,000 qualified graduates. Plus, mobile application developers continue to be some of the highest paid in entry-level jobs.

“We haven’t been this excited about a new program since the advent of our Computer Game Technology program,” said the Chair of the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics at Algoma U, Professor Gerry Davies. “The dramatic growth in the use of smart mobile devices and continuing innovation in devices such as wearable technology, have created a large demand for graduates with the ability to develop and deploy mobile applications. The demand for these graduates far exceeds the supply. The future for graduates from the Mobile Software Engineering program looks to be both challenging and rewarding.”

The Mobile Software Engineering specialization is ideal for innovative and creative students. In order to complete this specialization, students must earn 30 credits in Mobile Software Engineering courses.

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