Best not to leave stuff in your car

Stolen Vehicle

On the evening of September 21st officers attended in the parking lot of the Fort Creek Conservation Area for a theft complaint.

The owner of a vehicle had left their purse in the vehicle while they went for a walk on the hub trail. When they returned they found that someone had pried at the driver’s window causing it to shatter. A black Coach purse with all of the contents, including credit cards, money, personal identification papers and a gold IPhone 5S in a purple case were taken.
If you have any information on this theft, contact the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service or Crime Stoppers.

To prevent a similar crime from happening to you take a few precautions such as
-leave you purse at home
-take a small pack to carry your keys and driver’s licence so that you can take them with you on the walk
-if you have to bring your purse lock it in the trunk where it is not visible. If your vehicle does not have a trunk hen take the purse with you
The time it takes you to transfer the necessary items into a smaller carrying pack is considerably shorter than the time it will take you to replace all of the stolen items.