Bike theft leads to serious charges


On September 18, 2015 City Police investigated three separate thefts allegedly committed by the same person. A scooter was taken from an east end residence but was later recovered. A bicycle was taken from another east end residence but while the accused age 27 was riding the bicycle he was apprehended and brought to the police station, after a citizen’s arrest had been made.

While at the police station the accused attempted to take a Taser from an officer and had to be subdued. Further investigation was done and it was apparent that the accused had been at a local high school and allegedly took Nike gym shorts from the locker room.

The accused stands charged with 3 counts of theft under $5,000.00, obstruct police, disarming a police officer and one charge of possession of a controlled substance. The accused is scheduled to appear in court on October 19, 2015 at 9:00 am.