Boosting the Liberal Message


Local Liberal Candidate Terry Sheehan had a little help from his friends Friday with Liberal MP for  Toronto–St. Paul’s Carolyn Bennett dropping in for a pep talk.  Recent polls show the Liberals bouncing between second and third, but Sheehan and Bennett believes Canadians are realizing the Liberal message.

Bennett has served her riding for 18 years  and named  Minister of State for Public Health under the Paul Martin Liberal government.  Before politics she was a family physician and  an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto.

“people have a choice between jobs and growth with the Liberal plan and more cuts and austerity which is the NDP and Conservative plan” Sheehan said. “I think Harper calling this election has back fired on him it’s allowed us to get out there and talk to thousands and thousands of people and those people want real change.

Both Bennett and Sheehan talked about the promised infrastructure spend and  believe a deficit is needed to help create jobs and grow the economy, talked to Bennett about the campaign and if the criticism  of the Wynne Liberal governments stand on the sale of Hyrdo One, teachers and the roll out of the Ontario Pension Plan will have an impact for Federal Liberal candidates in Ontario this election.

Watch the video for her response and more from Terry Sheehan in the video.