“Business Smarts” Runs In The Family


Most 24 year old males are into cars, but there’s not too many who own their own automotive shop.

Kevin Koprash owns and operates Rusty Rats Speed Shop. He started out working from a small garage at his parent’s commercial property last year with the focus on restoration of older vehicles.

When an unexpected opportunity came about to move into a bigger location, Koprash jumped at the chance even though it meant putting a new house purchase on the backburner.

“Honestly, I was looking for a house when this listing came up, it was the house or the shop, and here we are” Koprash said.

Koprash bought the former Western Automotive building on Queen Street. He moved his garage to the back of the building and employs three people but now his game plan has also changed.

“We want to be that one stop shop for all your automotive needs from general maintenance to specializing in car starters and restoration” Koprash said.

For sure, the young entrepreneur has business in his blood, it apparently runs in the family, being the son of George and Susan Koprash – two successful business people in town who own The Trading Post and Frontier Village on Highway 17 north, not to mention that  sister Kristina runs her own clothing shop, Krush at the Frontier Village.

“You gotta love coming into work everyday” Koprash said, though he admits it’s always scary starting new things let alone running a full time business. Keeping on top of changing technology is also key to a successful automotive shop, “it’s a learning curve, but our guys including me, take advantage of   training and seminars so we can work on anything from a 1931 Model T to the newest vehicles coming out today”

Rusty Rats Speed Shop occupies the back end of the building, Koprash said he plans to lease out the retail shop of the building facing Queen Street in the future.

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