Council in brief


city-hall-tallRegular session of city council Monday saw a number of things on the agenda including welcoming new CAO Al Horsman to his first day on the job. Horsman replaces Joe Fratesi who retired from the job this past Spring.

The Mayor and council wanted to squash rumours that it wanted the Algoma’s Farmer’s Market in the Bondar Pavilion parking lot gone, in fact nothing could be further from the truth said Ward 2 councillor Susan Myers.

The Finance department presented it’s report to council. Spelling out exactly what it does and just how much money the City has to spend yearly in its budget. That amount by the way is $186 million.

At least one councillor found the practice futile. Ward 5 councillor Frank Fata did not see the point of department heads bringing information to council. Mayor Christian Provenzano told the councillor that the information is valuable for council to make informed decisions come budget time. Fata proposed that all departments cut their budgets by 2 percent across the board.

Mayor and council want to explore the possibility of the PUC reducing the sewer surcharge on customer’s bills. Provenzano says he hopes to see the reduction happen in the new year.