False NDP Numbers Provide False Hope: Sheehan


The recently released costing of the NDP platform is more evidence of Mr. Mulcair’s misleading of Canadians and his party’s plans to follow in the footsteps of the Harper Conservatives.
The NDP have said that costing of their platform is based on Conservatives’ 2015 budget documents, from back in April. At that time oil was at $54 dollars a barrel and economic growth was pegged to be at 2%. Neither of those facts exist any longer.

“Earlier in the campaign, Mr. Mulcair had to back away from his promises on things like childcare, healthcare and transit when he decided to hold firm to an austerity plan. Now we find out that his campaign promises can’t possibly be met,” says Terry Sheehan, Liberal candidate for Sault Ste. Marie and area. Sheehan continues, ” The price of oil today is around $47 dollars a barrel, and the Bank of Canada now says that our economy will grow at only 1.1% percent or so. This reality means the NDP plan comes up billions short. They simply cannot do what they have pledged to do. Frankly, they need to go back to the drawing board and start over.”

The NDP also plans to raise the corporate tax rate to 17%. This will undoubtedly make Canadian companies less competitive but will also result in job losses. Many experts believe that this raise in corporate taxes will cost the Canadian economy between 100,000 and 150,000 jobs.

Sheehan states, “The economy has deteriorated since April; the Parliamentary Budget Office says it has, the OECD says it has, the Bank of Canada says it has. Yet, Skip Morrison, Tom Mulcair and the rest of the NDP team is selling false hope to Sault Ste. Marie and the rest of the country.”

The Liberal Party has recognized the challenges that our economy is facing. That is why Justin Trudeau has plans for real change to kickstart the economy with record infrastructure investment, tax cuts for the middle class and those working to join it, and a specific plan to create jobs in Northern Ontario.

“Justin Trudeau has been the only leader who has been honest and upfront with Canadians when it comes to the economy. He recognizes the challenges and has a bold plan to create jobs,” concludes Sheehan.


  1. A change is way past due, personally I think the Liberals will do a better job than the NDP ever would.
    I guess we’ll see when the time comes, but I know many would be glad to see the end of Harper and his bad decisions, foolish squandering of multi millions, and tax breaks for the wealthy while the struggling struggle even more.

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