Finally coming down but then what?

Work begins next week on bringing the old building down.

The property of the former Northern Breweries has been sold for an undisclosed amount and demolition is slated for next week, but then what?

Riversedge developments, who are currently re-developing the Mill Square site picked up the property but plans for the site are vague at the moment.

Riversedge principle, Justice Veldman wants to develop the land with partners to explore the viability of salvaging a regional landmark. The group has launched a website,   

BREWERY-BLOCKThe site has been left vacant ever since a group of investors headed by Nirmala Singh,  apparently abandoned the idea of constructing a 40 storey condo tower back in 2011. Since then, a portion of the building was demolished due to safety concerns after a fire destroyed the Bay street offices.

The City has all but given up on Singh who has refused to play by the rules and current owes the City  back taxes on the property and was fined $55,000 for refusing to act on the property and fix safety concerns.

Mayor Christian Provenzano, who could not talk specifically about the development commented, “we are very happy to see something happening on the property”

Veldman was not available for comment Friday morning.

Back in its glory days - this shot taken from the Bay Street side in the early 1990's
Back in its glory days – this shot taken from the Bay Street side in the early 1990’s



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