Give Me My Kids Back


The most devastating thing that could happen to any parent is to lose a child. Nicole Pokno has been fighting with the Children’s Aid Society for over thirteen months to get her children back. In speaking with Nicole, she states that they have no proof of any type of abuse, but still she had to go to the extent of taking to the streets to let the public know what she feels is an abuse of power.

She also has help from Hilary Quarrell and Vincent Schiele, who have started their own website to let people know what they feel is an abuse of power by the Children’s Aid Society. You can access the website by going to the following link:


  1. they are Nazis. They had tricked me to bring my daughter into the hospital for so called tests because of her brother having autism and other issues. They accused me of abusing and even leaving bite marks on him. CAS do stretch any info they can. I had gone to court with taped conversations and the judges do side with them no matter what is presented in court. I lost my daughter at one year old and she is now 21 and the sad part is CAS totally brainwashed her and I haven’t even had a chance to even meet her.

  2. I have been on this scene now for some years and it never ceases to amaze me when it comes to the Ontario Children’s Aid $ociety. Just the fact alone that they are a billion $ corporation that makes money of the backs of Innocent Canadian Families should open peoples eyes to the harm that can happen when there is a cash incentive to apprehensions. Most in an ideal world want to believe that this is not the case but there are many links to the information that I am providing here. When we went out in early late 2009 there was ONLY a protest a year happening and no body was listening to the pleas of the public who were being devastated by the illegal abductions and the open files that never seem to close once opened by over zealous workers by the way with no body to regulate their actions ……. unregistered social workers who work daily with families at risk should be regulated wouldn’t you think? Well they escape accountability and transparency by turning in their cards with Social worker on them and substitute CHILD PROTECTION WORKER?

    When someone has an issue with a doctor, mechanic, teacher there is a body that these professionals are accountable to a body of their profession. NO longer are the children’s aid child protection workers accountable and in fact when we started researching this are we found that many were suspended, did not pay the mere few hundred to re register, reprimanded for shoddy social worker skills while working with families. These are the folk taking children?

    In Canada WE should have the best child protection system in the world after all WE are the PEACE KEEPING NATION and as such should be taking care of our children who are the most vulnerable. Let other countries model our nations child protection system. Our family law also needs radical change especially the child protection areas. Our government needs to ensure that all families are treated equal and the risk assessment has to change from a 8 panel to a 4 panel model. Like the Quebec model. This would ensure that children are apprehended upon verified information before a justice and NOT BS such as here in Ontario where SUSPECTED ISSUES ARISE AND THEN HAVE TO BE SORTED OUT IF EVER before a justice and the children are removed and more at risk in care than in their homes with their families or extended families. NEVER should children be removed from extended family unless there is serious issues presently and confirmed.

    Cameras should be in all family court rooms and this would ensure accountability of the Family court justices, lawyers, and thus the families have ACCOUNTABILTY AND TRANSPARENCY which would of course relate to a better outcome for families facing the CHILD PROTECTION RACKET here in Ontario and across this nation for that matter.

    Ontario having more of an issue though due to the fact that 80% of the corporate revenue that filters back into the rest of Canada comes directly from Ontario folks ………. something to think about isn’t it?

  3. This is sad, the more the provincial government refuses oversight and accountability for the CAS the more they seem to gain power and the legalization of child trafficking continues. I don’t think this should be provincial jurisdiction anymore, too many human rights are being violated. Its gone on too long, and must reach the federal level of government. There needs to be an accross the board change, no longer allowing this to be headed up by the obviously corrupt provincial government in Ontario. They pulled same with me, except after seeing what they’d done to others, I left the province. They were willing to pull out all the stops, saying I was prostituting myself, never done it in my life, was a drunk, mental health issues, did crack all during my pregnancy, and had no prenatal care. I got my son back here, because all their wild accusations were disproven in court, and it only took a few hours after I arrived back home to have him back in my arms. It would not have been the same in Ontario. They are taking kids at birth, at an alarming rate. I’m sitting here saying to myself, why won’t someone do something. My advice is to anyone, that if the CAS comes sniffing around, leave the province, to one who has oversight and accountability. Making them have to prove your guilt, not you prove your innocence. You have to uproot, but you’ll keep your kids. It is now the issuing advice, especially to all who are red flagged and facing at birth apprehension. I hope this woman gets her kids back, and all those who have been falsely accused and lost their kids, that they see justice, under a new government. Until then, that is my standing advice.

    • I am personally unaware of any Canadian province which has accountability when it comes to APPREHENSIONS of innocent, well cared for, extremely loved and absolutely SAFE children . HARPER is a MONEY MAN and there is no hope in hell of anything changing unless he goes. Quebec even uses their Human Rights Commission to overlook (which is actually condoning the situation) -ignore all the escalating and ongoing children’s rights abuses by their front line youth protection workers …….. AN ABSOLUTE TRAGEDY to say the least

  4. They stick their noses in where they dont’ belong. They are trying this with my son too, who has been struggling with some mental health issues. I still have them at arms length because I refuse to sign anything and everything is documented AND RECORDED. Fortunately, the professionals at the hospital helping us aren’t afraid to call them out on their lies and the CAS won’t get far with their very thinly veiled offer of “support” to my family.
    To which I say….Don’t call us, we’ll call you!

  5. For over a 100 years the Children’s Aid Society’s have destroyed families and children. It was started in 1871 from Charles Loring Brace that immigrated from Ireland. Within 2 years it was spread to all of North America. He started off in Ontario Canada and it spread like wildfire! Children were simply taken away from their families all because they were poor. Just because someone is poor does not mean they can not take care of their children. Look at history, were children taken away when the families were to poor? NO! Others helped others. This was a great scheme to make money and turn these children into something they were not. They are brainwashed and drugged up. Children are humans and they are treated like cattle waiting to go to the slaughter house. Children are now being taken away and used in sex trades, murdered for their organs. Children are even being removed from parents right at birth and have been for over a 100 years, all because they say they are too poor , too young, or they just feel they could not be good parents. Honestly how can someone say they can’t be? It is like a child starting off in school. Can they tell you if that child is going to be able to do the school work? Or a person applys for a new job, can they tell you if that person is going to fail or thrive? That is the problem with this society, always pointing fingers and saying no you can’t or yes you can. What ever happened to helping others achieve? What ever happened to inspiring a person? This is what this evil entity is doing to children and families. So look at this way. Who is getting ahead in life? Who is thriving? I will tell you! The Children’s Aid Society, the Pharmaceutical companies, the corrupt Judges and Lawyers, the police departments, the sex traders, Doctors and Nurses, the one with lots of money. Also Children have for over 100 years have been sold on the BLACK MARKET to people that want children, but have the money to buy them. The list goes on of the abuse of what the Children’s Aid Society has done to countless families and children. One thing though.. here in Canada… Ontario is the only Province that still has the CAS. The other Provinces of Canada have removed them, but i personally i think that they still have ties with them. We need to put an end to this evil cult. They do not help families or do not help children. Oh you get the odd few that they post that try to make themslevs look good. This needs to end! If you feel this does not effect you.. IT DOES! We need to take a deep breath and really look deep down in our souls and look at the real truth, not be blinded by the lies that are fed to us every day. This world belongs to the children now. If we continue to use this corrput and evil cult. There will be no more children to take over this planet we cherish so much. We need to show them that this world can work together and love each other. So i am asking Canada.. Please remove the Children’s Aid Society of Ontario and create a Government managed Child Protective services that is ran by people that will be held accountable for their actions, and people that are parents and have the right schooling and life experiences to be able to properly deal with children. Also this will save the tax payers billions of dollars and also clear up our court systems that have useless court hearings. Now for the USA. You as Government really need to look at the system you are running. Is this helping children and familes? I know that we as humans can work together and help instead of hurting. Regardless of your religion or race. We can come together and make this world a better place. The time is now… NOT TOMORROW! Also one other thing.. When the world crumbles.. where will all the ones be that have destroyed lives of the innocent children and familes be? They will be running. Where will the ones that were abused and hurt by the system that you created? They will be lending a helping hand to others, and why you ask? Because they know what it feels like to hurt, to be hungry, to be abused. So for the LOVE OF GOD! Please make these changes now!

  6. While I agree there is a need for children at risk, I have found that CAS should not be able to walk in and take children from a home without REAL proof of abuse or neglect. Something someone says should not be construed as truth. Children are traumatized, families are torn apart, months possibly years go by without an end in sight. Extended families have to apply and wait weeks, months at times before they are allowed to step in and have the children where they are comfortable and safe with family that loves them. The scars never go away. Again, yes there are times when children need to be removed from toxic or unsafe environments, however CAS should not have the authority to remove children without proof beyond a report that someone put in. Parents and children have no rights and this needs to be changed. Stand up for what you believe people! Nothing will change without your voices being raised loud and clear.

    • They do this simply because they have the LEGAL POWER (the lawyers) behind them standing there with HOARDS OF CORPORATE $$$$$$ backing them.

      Imagine if anyone could do anything in society – and all you need is CASH and its all a go!

      These agencies are DOMESTIC TERRORISTS as they are LEADERS in denying children and parents their natural and guaranteed rights.

      Obviously something NOT ON THE RADAR OF STEVEN HARPERS GOONS …… as was the case with hundreds and hundreds of murdered and missing woman from British Columbia CANADA!

  7. It’s time these Nazis were put out of business. they violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They hurt children. Steal parents wealth. Abuse, bully. they are spiteful, vindictive. No one benefits but them. The future of children, parents and families are destroyed by these arrogant, self serving, omnipotent bastards. They create problems for the sole purpose of job security. Their own jobs, pensions and egos. Nazis.

  8. CAS needs oversight. It absolutely does, we are dealing with children, one agency can’t act at the onset as judge and jury-Yet CAS does, then they take your kids. I’ve known people wrongly accused of things, but their kids were legally kidnapped from them. I understand to err on the side of caution, but where the (false) information is coming from should be just as strongly scrutinized.
    And it is not.
    There is no oversight!
    Steal the kids, traumatize them, ask questions later. Unacceptable. If ever there was a need for an ombudsman this is it!
    Hmmm I wonder if one of Algoma’s CAS lawyers will ask you to remove this post. It wouldn’t be the first time anything negative about them in the media resulted in immediate CAS lawyer letters. That alone should concern the public.

    • Yes, – tat LAST POINT is a good one. These TERRORISTS operate and continue their destruction always in the same manner – through LEGAL (lawyers) THREATS of suing someone, taking someone’s children, altering and modifying records to EXPUNGE any and all PROOF OF WHAT THEY DO and HOW THEY OPERATE.

      Imagine the police driving down the street – stopping their vehicle next to you….. they get out and come right up to you and arrest you for a MURDER which took place 2 weeks ago. You tell them that you have been out of town for the past 2 wees on the other side of the world and you even show them solid proof of this. THEY IGNORE THIS AND (apparently) START A FACT FINDING MISSION – which actually turns out to be < BUILDING A CASE AGAINST YOU instead of a fact finding mission – BECAUSE YOU QUICKLY LEARN THAT THEY ARE REFUSING TO INTERVIEW PEOPLE WHO CAN PROVE YOUR INNOCENCE – but are threatening strangers and people who don't even now you – THAT THEY BETTER COME TO COURT AND SAY YOU DID IT – or else they will also be arrested and charged with the same MURDER!

      How would you feel if this happened to you? Then when you see what's going on and you make a request for all the information they have (HOPING TO PROVE YOUR OWN INNOCENCE SOMEHOW) – then they REFUSE to give you any paperwork and don't even ENGAGE with you to tell you why …….


      I NOW THIS IS A UNITED STATES SENATOR – but if you want to get an understanding of what's going on cause it’s as REAL as what’s transpiring as we speak – just that Canadian run CPS agencies HIDE THE INCENTIVES FOR LEGALLY STEALING CHILDREN and here we do not release this info to the public ……… SO NO-ONE SEES CLEAR THE SMOKESCREEN and these human trafficking type scenarios continue to occur and escalate in nature

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