Hayes Failed at Passenger Rail Service Says Sheehan


For over a year now passenger rail service north of Sault Ste. Marie has been in limbo due to the Conservative government’s mishandling of the file.
“First Mr. Hayes and the Conservatives announced that funding would end, then they extended funding and then they waited till the very last minute to announce that funding was reinstated, but not to the degree that the coalition working group said was necessary,” said Terry Sheehan, Liberal candidate for Sault Ste. Marie and area. ” As a member of city council I have been following this issue very closely and I am quite aware of how this issue has affected our economy, and businesses north of the Sault who rely on this passenger rail service.”

As Member of Parliament for Sault Ste. Marie and area, Terry Sheehan will commit to working in cooperation with the passenger rail working group along with all municipalities and businesses struggling due to the lack of service.

“The Conservatives messed this up from the beginning. It was quite apparent that Mr. Hayes lacked the influence needed to have this issue settled in a timely and satisfactory manner. Not only did he and his government fail in providing the necessary commitment, they absolved themselves of any further responsibility by passing the buck to the City of Sault Ste. Marie to administer the funds. None of us at the city knew that was going to be part of the deal. Mr. Hayes didn’t bring a strong voice to this and he also didn’t have enough respect for city council to let us know how significant a role we would play in all of this,” concludes Sheehan.

This issue will be at the forefront of Mr. Sheehan’s effort and agenda as Member of Parliament for Sault Ste. Marie and area.


  1. I would like to know where to get a Sheehan sign.. This whole area up here is over-populated with NDP signs and I’d like to start a new direction…LOL..

    • Bill, you must live on the only street in Sault Ste. Marie that does not have dozens of Terry Sheehan Liberal signs. Its hard to find NDP and Conservative signs in the city.

      If you want a lawn sign to help Terry Sheehan win please go to the Paul Mall 642 Queen Street East where the Terry Sheehan Liberal Campaign office is located. Or you may contact Terry by email at [email protected] , go to http://TerrySheehan.ca

      Thanks for your support!

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