Hayes talks “Tax Lock Legislation”


No more tax raises by the Federal Government under Harper’s watch

Our Conservative Government knows that if residents and seniors in Sault Ste. Marie pay more in tax, they will have to spend less on such things as retirement savings, groceries or that project at home.

If a business here in Sault Ste. Marie has to pay more tax, they will have to cut back on hiring new employees or expanding their business and that is what slows and hurts an economy.

Justin Trudeau’s high-tax, deficit spend scheme will make living and working in Northern Ontario simply unaffordable.
Prime Minister Harper gets it. That’s why I am pleased to announce that if re-elected our Conservative Government will pass legislation locking your taxes and prohibit increasing your taxes for the entire term we form government. You can bet the Liberals and NDP will raise business costs, personal taxes and maybe even the GST.

I don’t think the residents of Sault Ste. Marie truly understand how much Justin Trudeau plans to raise their taxes to pay for his unbudgeted election promises. In fact, if you make over $60,000 a year, Justin thinks you earn too much and will make you pay more. Same for our businesses who will have to pay as much as $1000 per employee.
Go to www.justintax.ca to find out how much extra tax you would pay under a Liberal Government.

On October 19, I’m asking for your vote so our businesses can use their money to hire new employees and our families can invest in their lives, as opposed to sending more money to Ottawa.