Heard some great news at the Cause for paws walk!

Can we start this walk or what?"
Can we start this walk or what?”

There were a few reasons to celebrate Saturday at the annual cause for paws walk-a-thon , in fact we heard some really good news.

First of all, rain and clouds moved out just in time for the Cause for Paws dog walk, the single largest fund raiser for the Sault Ste. Marie Humane Society Saturday. “We never really know how the turnout will be with weather like this” said Cindy Ross , manager of the SSMHS. The event brings in approximately $20,000  that helps with the care and supplies needed for shelter animals.

You look that way and I'll look this way!
You look that way and I’ll look this way!

Despite a rainy morning though, conditions improved just before the noon hour stroll for hundreds of dogs and their companion owners in the beautiful Kinsmen Hiawatha Park . The colours are just beginning to change combined with the peaceful natural setting made the 2km walk seem short but there  was plenty of other activities   following the walk too, such as draws food and service vendors.

The best news came from Ross, who told Saultonline that the shelter had a great Summer! and by that, she means adoptions were up.

“It’s been phenomenal ” Ross smiled, “we were getting them in and they were being adopted just as fast”

Ross estimates that the shelter normally adopts out about 800 to 1,000 dogs  yearly.  Ross added that cats, which the shelter normally has an abundance of, have also experienced a spike in adoption rates this past summer.

Some dogs prefer to be carried and that’s okay!


Yep! I'm a cutie-pie!
Yep! I’m a cutie-pie!


Check out more of just a sampling of what we saw at the Cause For Paws Dog Walk in the photo gallery!