Is It Really That Bad?


Ask anyone about the job situation in the Sault and you’ll be told it’s scary, that was more or less confirmed recently with numbers released by StatsCanada on employment levels in the city.

The report showed that about 8,000 jobs have disappeared in the Sault last year showing those with employment fell from 39,900 to 31,800. The unemployment rate more than doubled to 12 percent from this time last year.


The number however may not really show the full picture explained Jonathan Coulman, the executive director of Algoma Workforce Investment Corp.

Coulman said the sample size used in the survey was a very small sampling, 205 households and “perhaps doesn’t reflect the ‘true’ local picture”.


Councillor Steve Butland is one that doesn’t believe the situation is as grave as the report shows.

“8,000 people less in the workforce this August compared to last August” Butland said, “that seems implausible”

A larger sampling size could run about $70,000 to get a much clearer idea. According to the data compiled, about 47.1% of the population is employed compared to 58.6% in August 2014





  1. the only jobs here are low paying period working a burger joints and coffee shops do not cover all the bills only a few have good paying jobs here thanks to our government. the puc bills are high and people cant make ends meet

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