Liberals unveil strategy to create jobs for young Canadians


Today,Justin Trudeau announced that the Liberal Party of Canada will invest in young Canadians entering the workforce, helping them acquire the skills and experience to gain meaningful employment and contribute to the economy.

“Over the last ten years under Stephen Harper, people in Sault Ste. Marie, and right across Canada have been struggling to make ends meet, especially those who are trying to break into the job market,” said Terry Sheehan, Federal Liberal candidate for Sault Ste. Marie and area. “We all know of bright, young local kids studying at college or university, graduating and then not being able to find a job. Thousands of young Canadians are unemployed or underemployed, and jobs are so hard to come by that many young people have stopped looking altogether. The Liberal party and Justin Trudeau have a plan to invest in our shared future by creating jobs and opportunities for young Canadians.”

A Liberal government will invest $1.3 billion over three years – 13 times more than the NDP – to, among other things:

1. Create 40,000 youth jobs each year for the next three years through a new, annual investment of $300 million in a renewed Youth Employment Strategy;
2. Create 5,000 new green jobs for youth, as part of the renewed Youth Employment Strategy, by hiring more guides, interpreters, and other staff at Parks Canada, as well as partnering with environmental organizations to create programs that help young people tackle environmental challenges while gaining valuable work experience;
3. Invest $40 million annually to help employers create new co-op placements for science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and business students; and
4. Restore a modernized Youth Service Program, providing $25 million per year to help young Canadians gain valuable work and life experience while travelling the country, participating in community building projects.

“Today’s announcement exemplifies that we are a party firmly committed to our country’s youth. I think this is great news for the Sault if we are elected and will help create more jobs for youth in our community,” said Sheehan.


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